Lamar C.

Grasp the subject, the words will follow


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As far back as I can remember there has been a desire in me to communicate effectively. Over the years, I have worked very hard to perfect this craft. Growing up with many questions about life, I always desired for someone to talk to me and more importantly listen.


Sadly I found if people didn't have much to say, they'd say NOTHING. What was even more damaging, was the many people who did talk , TALKED AT ME AND NOT TO ME.  Having said that I have endeavored to be authentic and transparent during my sessions or even on a one to one. Whether speaking in a church,  peace rally ,adult prison ,juvenile detention center, high school, college or to business professionals, talking to the audience is PARAMOUNT.


I am a firm believer that experience in any area of life is the best teacher. In an ever changing world I have been very successful with engaging with my audience while making every session interactive, innovative and relevant.  It's OK not to be the smartest or even the most articulate speaker, however in these uncertain times the world is looking for speakers to share from the heart.

Topics of discussion

but not limited to:

  1. Peer pressure

  2. Teenage pregnancy

  3. Gang violence

  4. The message in the music

  5. Faith in action

  6. Parenthood

  7. Acting 101

  8. Success after failure

  9. Young Entrepreneur  

  10. Health and nutrition

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