About Me

I'm God fearing, extremely extroverted, intelligent and fun loving. As the proud father of two, my goal is to leave my children with a tough but realistic act to follow. My number one goal in this life, is to please God and  touch as many lives as possible.


I realize that the gifts, talents and skills that are inside of me, are meant for the betterment of society. If I met another Lamar,  I would want him as a best friend. I endeavor to use my humble beginnings as a platform to spread hope, love and awareness to this generation where transparency and authenticity are missing components. Lookout world, Lamar is on the loose.

About The Book

I've often read books that peeked my interest and curiosity but I didn't feel the heartbeat of the author. With my first book " UNSCRIPTED  TANSPARENCY  " THE LAMAR  CALLAHAN STORY, that is my main goal, for the reader to KNOW my heart . I have to admit this has been the most humbling experience that I have ever had in my entire life. To be vulnerable and somehow muster up the courage to admit my failures. 

Recalling events from my childhood all the way up to present day has taken me on quite an emotional rollercoaster as it may do to you the reader. However if by chance you walk away with the strength and courage to face your deepest and darkest fears, then my job is complete. With God's help I plan to write several books specifically geared towards  single parents, teenagers and men who struggle with fatherhood, anger, addiction and everyday responsibilities. I'm hoping this book will afford me the opportunity and give me a life sized platform to share of what life looks like before and after failure.  If you are a leader of any group of people and would like to have me come and speak please reach out to me directly.

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