Lamar Callahan
Bringing people together, grooming them in aspiration for a greater height in life as a whole.

Meet The Man

Before I can even attempt to touch someone's life on the outside world, I clearly realize that my love and charity starts at home. I have been given the AWESOME RESPONSIBILITY to raise my two angels, with a balance of LOVE and DISCIPLE. My children, Sarah and Joshua are the CENTER of my world and my inspiration for making wise choices. I have discovered from personal experience, that to man parents are guilty of trying to be their childrens friend and then a parent. It is VITALLY IMPORTANT to be a ( M.O.M )- mighty over coming mom and a ( D.A.D ) dedicated amazing dad and from there a HEALTHY friendship will grow. Children can't see you when you are trying to be like them.



I recall at the age of 9 years old of having a desire to help people. It seemed very strange to me that grown adults would talk to me about their issues and I'd seem to be able to at least say something thoughtful in return. This continued all throughout High School into adulthood. Today, I realize this was preparation for part of my calling as a motivational speaker. Very rearly do I walk around introducing myself as Minister so and so. However I am what I am. I attended Victory Bible traing center / School of the Holy Spirit and received my degree in Theological studies. Today whether going into adult prisons talking to rapist and murderers, High Schools speaking to students about transitioning into college or sharing from God's word in a local church, I am able to challenge and encourage them to take personal responsibility to pursue their dreams.


Developing the Leader in you

The essence of fatherhood

Teenage pregnancy

Peer pressure

Dare to Dream

Academics and Athletics

Fear of Success / Failure

and more ...

The Actor

Lights, action, camera are the words that speak life to an actor. I've had a desire to make people laugh which often to led to me being labled the "class clown ". I was never encouraged to take theater in school, so I chose to make my life a stage. Growing up, my father was a singer and would often make me sing in front of his friends. I had no idea that over time , it would take away the fear to stand in front of an audience. I danced professionally with a crew called the "Electric Breakers", when I was a teeenager. We went from dancing in the school yard, to teaching lessons at a well known and respected dance studio. Eventually, we were asked to perform at their annual dance recital, which was my introduction to cable access television.
Fast forward to my adult life, with the same burning desire to interact with a live audience. My agent out of Rhode Island got me a few small commercial gigs. This wet my appetite, but has not quenched my actiong thirst. I have since been in a few independent films, YTF, Schools of fish and Romeo and Juliette to name a few. President day, I have been in commerials for Cardi's furniture, Homeland Security and Seek Thermo Camera, as a registered actor with Boston Casting. My journey to touch the lives of people by advancing God's kingdom through the arts, is on the for front of my heart.

Rep The NAME (Music Video)
YTF (Movie) _Courtesy of Hope Multi-media


I grew up a fan of rap music and admired groups like RUN DMC and EPMD. I was told as a poor black boy growing up in the ghetto, i needed to be a rapper or an athlete in order to have a future. I began practicing the art of “freestyle” rapping and my passion was ignited to pursue a record deal. My lyrical content was very negative about sex and violence as this was what i thought people wanted to hear.

I began a career working with troubled teens in lock up, that looked up to rappers like “Tupac and Eminem ” I asked them why they were drawn to them and they responded ” because they tell us how it is “. This was when i realized the rap music could be used as a tool to win their hearts and minds

For the last decade and a half, I have used this musical gift as a rapper and songwriter to touch the lives of kids, teens and young adults performing live throughout New England and abroad. I pride myself on writing ALL MY OWN LYRICS, knowing there’s a message in the music.

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